The Alcove Syndicate Rules


General Rules


  1. You are required to carry your EA rod licence and membership card at all times


  1. By joining the Alcove Syndicate you have committed to attending 2 of the 4 work party’s during the season, if you are unable to attend these then alternative arrangements can be made or pay a £30 fee per work party to the tools and maintenance fund, failure to complete one of the options will result in you not being offered a membership for the next season. When attending a work party it is your responsibility to ensure your name is registered with whoever is taking the attendance record


  1. Take all litter and discarded line home, we do not have waste bins on site


  1. We do not allow dogs onto the fishery, no shooting, fires, swimming or loud radios, raised BBQ’s are allowed. Alcohol is allowed but in moderation, all cars must be parked in designated areas


  1. No visitors (except partners), Non-members may not be brought to the lakes without owner’s permission (Dave) due to public liability conditions, no exceptions.


  1. All guests must be booked in with the head bailiff (Brian) in advance, once booked guests must fish in adjacent swim and must be accompanied on and off the lake. No guests are allowed on bank holiday weekends. If you book a guest and they do not attend it will count as one of your guest tickets unless you give 24 hrs notice. Bailiff decision is final please remember you are responsible for your guests actions


  1. Do not light any fires and do not burn the grass when using any form of cooking equipment.


  1. Anglers must not be away from their swim for more than 2 hours, ensuring rods are reeled in and no fishing from cars at night


  1. You are only allowed to fish from designated swims, no bivvying up outside of the swims


  1. If you break the rules of the lake, depending on the severity you will receive one warning there is no second warning so any further breach of the rules will result in permanent expulsion, more serious breaches of the rules can result in instant permanent expulsion from the lake. The Head bailiffs decision is final


  1. Bait boats are permitted but not to the annoyance of other anglers


  1. You must drive at a sensible speed around the site and have consideration for other users


  1. Rowing boats are only to be used by the bailiff and owner


Fish Care


  1. You may only fish from designated swims


  1. While your rods are in the water you are not allowed to be more than 20 feet from your rods, on the Harvest side of the lake (pegs 1-9) you must reel your rods in if you leave your swim.



  1. All nets, cradles, crib mats, and weigh slings (Wet Gear) must be dipped before starting to fish,              NO DIP NO FISHING


  1. Each angler must have 2 x 42” landing nets, a cradle or decent crib style mat. Every angler must have antiseptic / clinic gel / carp medical kit and treat every carp caught. Dave (owner) prefers Propolis. 


  1. When landing a fish the hook link must NOT be unclipped from your leader, your line must be cut above your leader before breaking down your net while checking the carps fins are tucked in. Your rolled up landing net must then be slipped into your  weigh / floatation sling and only then lifted and transported to your cradle (if you unclip your hooklink you are pulling on the carp’s mouth and most of the time to reach the carp will come out of the water putting extra strain on its mouth)


  1. Anyone found killing fish and/or removing fish will have their membership terminated without refund, and reported to the police in the event of fish theft.


  1. All hooks are to be barbed or micro barbed only, minimum 12lb mainline for all fishing, no braided main lines accept spod and marker rods.


  1. No fixed leads, all leads must be able to release/drop off should a fish become snagged or a crack off, rigs can and will be randomly checked by the bailiffs


  1. Tiger nuts can only be used as hook baits and must be shop branded ones.


Pike Fishing Rules


  1. The pike season runs from the 1st October till the 31st March


  1. When using trebles only one of the three hooks on that treble should have a barb.


  1. When pike fishing you must be in possession of long forceps and pliers along with the usual fish handling equipment stated above. A wire trace must be used and a crib style unhooking mat


  1. All pike to be returned ASAP, please remember pike are delicate fish, if unsure fish with an experienced pike angler


  1. Live bait can be used but they must be caught from the Alcove Syndicate Lake, Roach only. Dead bait must be branded shop brought type. Under no circumstances is live baiting allowed outside of the pike season for any reason


  1. Under no circumstances should a gag be used




If in doubt about any rule then chat with the bailiffs of the lake for clarification