Membership and Rules Information


2020 - 2021 Alcove Syndicate Fees


For the membership the following changes are being made, the membership total will be reduced to 90 members and the cost of the season will be £500, a 5 day guest tickets will still be £75 subject to availability. This does not increase Dave’s income from the lake, it maintains the same amount per season. While this may appear as a large price rise it now reflects a realistic price for a syndicate with what the Alcove has to offer.

Due to the amount of interest. the waiting list for the Alcove is temporarily closed, please keep an eye on the website for when we open the list again


Dave has a vision for his lake and with that in mind he is going to make some changes. Dave’s vison is to have a sociable syndicate with large Carp in a surrounding suitable for Carp anglers who wants that little bit extra, you will may have noticed the many improvements have been made at the lake through the website, car parks, vehicle tracks, toilets, otter fencing, Tetleys (clubhouse), swims all cut out and a vast amount of management of the woodland surrounding the lake and swims. This is on top of a feeding program showing excellent fish growth that is documented in the micro-chip records and the number of 30’s now in the lake.


Future plans are at some stage soon to engage professionals to net the lake over a 5 day period and remove all the silvers possible, along with the jack pike, catfish and any carp that are small or severely damaged. Dave’s end goal is to have a lake with large carp and removing the above will help the carp to put on more weight. It is a well proven fact that a reduced biomass and a regimented feeding program improve growth rates, Dave is also looking to add some mirror carp from VS fisheries but only ones with a cracking scale pattern.


With the membership being cut to only 90 members Dave and Brian (bailiff) will evaluate the current rules and may change one or two with the possibility of Zig rigs coming back in the new season and all members must have a micro-chip reader

The rules of the syndicate must be followed at all times, please read and understand them before joining. If you have any questions please ask before joining. If there are any breaches or repeated breaches of any rules then you may be removed from the fishery without notice and without your fees refunded, tickets are not transferable.

Rules are the bane of every ones life but we have to have them, there are no silly rules just ones to ensure every one enjoys themselves and the fish stock goes from strength to strength, rules can be viewed HERE


Please bear in mind there is to be no stalking between pegs

Membership starts on 1st August and ends 31st July.

Application form can be downloaded HERE , but is only required once you have had a tour of the lake and have been accepted to the syndicate

We have a members only closed Facebook page 


Membership starts on 1st August and ends 31st July.


We welcome you to The Alcove Syndicate,


Tight Lines.


Dave Rice, The Alcove Syndicate