Mad Baits offer a discount of 25% on line, just enter the code that is below at checkout. If you wish to collect your order then email your order to to receive 30% off but you must pay with cash, all contact details and address info is on their website

​To see the baits results then look at their Facebook page

The discount code is   “Alcove“ without the speech marks, enter at checkout

Please ensure only Alcove Syndicate members use this code


Madbaits have now made two baits for the lake at £6 a kilo along with matching popups, wafters and dip.

The discount code above cannot be used with these products


Alcove FishMix:- Monster crab and Garlic, which has caught one angler over 100 40lb and over fish in France in one year


Alcove Nutz:- A nut and Jaffa boilie


Both can be ordered in freezer 6mm, 12mm, 15mm & 18mm  or Shelflife 12mm, 15mm & 18mm


Madbaits (Mark Leonard) is now on the Facebook page and orders can be placed there via Private message or through actual posts. These baits are being regularly used in the feeding program at the lake. If you chose to collect your bait and Mark does not know you then you will need to take your membership card with you.