Lake information


As of 5th August  2019 we have 7 different known 30lb plus carp in the lake, thanks to the regimented feeding program and our anglers using quality bait

The lake is 8 acres in size and was dug out some 27 years ago to supply gravel to the local transport network, depths vary from 3-4 foot margins to 6-9 foot everywhere else and has an estate lake feel. The lake is surrounded by beautiful trees and bushes with all the features you could ask for, on one side light woodland, 3 car parks next to the lake, a varied array of wildlife and over 1 mile away from the public road.  Access to the lake is via a road which is made up of tarmac or concrete. Some of the swims are of a more social nature but are not too close together while others are for the anglers who like a more intimate session. In August 2017 Sean and Dave took over the lease for the lake with a mind to make a syndicate only lake with something special added, a more social atmosphere with a membership of 130. The average stamp of fish are in the 18-20lb area with a large head of 20’s with a good number reaching high 20’s, largest fish out so far is  32lb 12oz (TAMAR) Caught by David Rice in Feb 2019 and in the same session Dave also caught  another at 30lb 8oz (GOBSTOPPER). That makes at least 3 fish in the lake over 30lb as Gee Francis caught one at 30lb 4oz (BIG G) back in Sep 2018. There are a large number of ghosties which fight really well along with commons, mirrors, crucians and some leathers


​Dave and Sean took the lease over for the lake and made many improvements which all the membership have enjoyed, form actual improvement to the lake and surrounding land to organizing a couple of matches and a charity event. There is also a club house called “Tetlees” which is a social magnet for the membership. In March 2019 Dave took over the lake as Sean had family commitments and wanted to pursue other projects, be he maintains his membership and will be seen at the lake regularly.


Dave was a match angler but gave that up years ago to carp fish and travel all over the world fishing, he has had many years of experience in fishery management and his passion is seeing other people catch good quality fish. Dave is determined to have one of the best Carp lakes in the area while maintaining a more social atmosphere. None of this secret squirrel stuff, not talking to each other or helping each other. Dave’s best quote I have heard is “you don’t go down the pub just to sit in the corner and speak to no one”. To aid this there is an active closed Facebook page for members, social events will be organised, in matches of 48hrs there will be time to stop have a BBQ and then resume the match. Members have already seen some positive changes to the lake and this will carry on well in to the future.

Due to the quality of the bait going in along with the stringent feeding program by the owner the stock is putting on weight which can clearly be seen by the captures over the last few months, it will not be long before we have a dozen carp over the magic 30lb mark 

The lake has seen many improvements which are too many to list, all swims have been dug out, and access to the far side has been improved with the addition of a track suitable for cars that should now allow access all year around. There has been the construction of a type of club house called “Tetlee’s” with 2 sofas, tea making facilities and a log burner for those winter nights also alongside this there is a social BBQ area. Net dips have been placed all around the lake along with toilet facilities. The lake is totally otter fenced and the locks are changed every year to improve the security of the lake. There is currently a fish chipping program in place to increase the security of the fish stock, to make the carp 100% identifiable and to accurately see the weight gains. There is a feeding program of good quality pellets to help the carp to consistently gain weight and aid good health. All members are required to complete 2 work parties a year to maintain the lake and help with any new projects and increase the social feel of the lake. A lot of snag removal has been completed and an area has been set aside for the carp to spawn in when the time is right. We have 2 matches per year a charity event and a St George Shield match which the members enjoy. An additional carp park has been made and the original 2 have been enlarged to make access to the lake easier. We have a range of clothing just for the members at a really good price point. We have a closed Facebook page for our members along with a secure login section of the website, to allow the members to show off their captures and gain information about the lake. While this paragraph may not cover all improvements made it is a brief roundup, more plans are in the pipeline and information will be released one completed

As you can see a lot has been done since the syndicate opened this is due to the hard work of the owner and syndicate members, the work will continue until it becomes one of the best syndicates in the area


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