Innovate Baits:- For members who produce a membership card can buy any of their boilie range at £6 a kilo and a reduced price for their popups and glugs

A superior range of HNV (High Nutritional Value) rolled baits of exceptional quality, steamed, not boiled, retaining far more consistent levels of proteins, nutrients and flavours. These baits are packed full off high quality ingredients and also some very unique ones,thinking outside the box regarding the make-up of our baits is what we are about, the emphasis being to keep the levels of bulking out products such as semo and soya to a minimum. A cheaper bait or indeed some of the more expensive baits that are available, do not and will not contain the same high levels of HNV products contained in our bait, therefore reducing their effectiveness over a period of time. "THE 365 RANGE" a food source of exceptional quality, whether a fully fledged carp expert or complete beginner to angling this range will not let you down.

AVAILABLE IN 10mm 12mm,14mm,16mm,18mm and 20mm FROM OUR SHOP.