Big G was originally named Gobstopper but we have found we have a very similar fish but smaller, to mark Gee's achievement we have renamed this carp as Big G and left the other one as Gobstopper  Gee caught her at 30lb 4oz  in Sept 2018 verified by 5 other anglers and the owner. This is the Alcoves 1st 30lb+ fish and well deserved. This has been superseded by David Rice at 30lb 8oz

 Big G 

  • Sep-17 23lb          Ben Atkinson

  • Oct-17 25lb           Richard willmore 

  • Jan-18  28lb           Liam Copper

  • Feb-18  25lb 4oz    Ben Atkinson

  • Apr-18  25lb 12oz  Colin Charles

  • Apr-18  26lb 8oz    Barry Fox

  • Sep-18  30lb 4oz    Gee Francis

  • Sep-18  28lb           Danny Lovley 

  • Oct-18  29lb 2oz    Mindaugas Cerbauskas

  • Feb-19  30lb 8oz    David Rice 

  • Apr-19  30lb           Mindaugas Cerbauskas