The syndicate is currently full if you would like to be added to the waiting list for possible spaces in August then please contact us, there is no need to fill in the application form until you have been accepted to the syndicate



NEWS:- The lake was planing to purchase 10 x C5's from VS Fisheries but unfortunately Dave wanted mirrors with a fantastic scale pattern but these had already gone, so Dave has pre ordered 3 x C7's mirrors between 28-30lb and they will have what is called an apple slice pattern to them and will be placed in the lke some time next year in January 

Nestling between the tranquil River Ivel and the town of Shefford lies The Alcove Syndicate.

An 8 acre lake that was formerly a day ticket fishery, has recently been transformed into a private members only syndicate water (August 2017), with on site toilets. The lake holds many secrets, as yet not all of its inhabitants of notable character have been landed.

We are in the process of transforming this tranquil lake into a setting fit for the king of fish, the Carp.

The lake holds some powerful fish, Ghosties into the high twenties along with common, mirror’s and some crucians.

It also holds some rather large Pike and Perch. Due to a regimented feeding program we now have at least 6 carp over the 30lb mark


Our goal is to create a lake that isn’t just a lake, it’s a destination.

Somewhere for members to come and relax, to switch off, to be with friends and to feel both safe and secure in their surroundings with like-minded friends who hold the same core values in both fishing and life with a membership of 130 members.


Our number one priority is towards the fish, every member has a full med kit to treat every fish they catch, be it a 12lb pike or a upper 30lb Ghostie

Colin 34lb Jan 2020d QUEEN MARY